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    China CEE Fund expands its investmment portfolio with a new wind farm

    • Through a special purpose joint venture company, the China-CEE Fund and GEO Renewables acquired the Zopowy wind farm from Gamesa Energia.This new investment includes 15 wind turbines for a total capacity of 30 MW and is located in the south-west of Poland. The investment was financed with equity and non-recourse project finance provided by Alior Bank.


    Warsaw, 29th June 2015. The China-CEE Fund, advised by CEE Equity Partners, and GEO Renewables  purchased  the Zopowy wind farm from Gamesa Energia.


    The project is located in the town of Zopowy in the G³ubczyce municipality (Opole Voivodeship). The wind farm was officially opened in 2015 and includes 15 Gamesa G90 turbines of a total capacity of 30 MW.


    The new investment will belong to a newly-established joint venture company with China-CEE Fund holding 90% of shares and GEO Renewables – the remaining 10%. GEO Renewables is a leader in the wind energy industry in Poland and will be responsible for the asset’s management. Additionally, Gamesa will continue to provide maintenance works for the turbines installed in the project.


    “Given the experience GEO Renewables brings to the project, we are very pleased to be able to once again work with this company. The investment in the Zopowy wind farm reflects our strong interest in the Polish energy market. We will continue to analyse opportunities in renewables in preparation for the upcoming auction system” stressed Dario Cipriani, Investment Director at CEE Equity Partners.


    The Zopowy wind farm is yet another project of China-CEE Fund in the field of wind energy. This investment is an element of the strategy of the Fund’s development through the acquisition of similar projects in the whole CEE region.


    “This project constitutes another element of our investment strategy related to wind energy. Its value has been confirmed by both China-CEE Fund’s sector experts, and external partners such as Alior Bank who provided financing of the investment” stated Rafa³ Andrzejewski, Investment Director at CEE Equity Partners.


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