00:00:00 14.01.2015
    First exit of the China CEE Fund Wróblew wind farm brings 1.8 cash-on-cash return

    China-CEE Fund, advised by CEE Equity Partners, together with Enlight Renewable Energy and Geo Renewables have finalised the sale of their Wróblew wind farm which was recently completed and commissioned. 51% of the project was acquired from GEO Renewables by the China-CEE Fund together with Enlight Renewable Energy in September 2014 and completed in record time.


    The Wróblew wind farm represents 36 MW of installed turbines with a replacement value of approximately PLN 200 million. The sale of the project returned 1.8 times cash-on-cash value to investors after a very short investment period.


    “The strategy of the China-CEE Fund usually involves a long term engagement in projects, however the combination of a robust purchase offer and the existence of drag-along clause in the corporate governance agreements, made it convenient for us to exit at this time” stated Rafał Andrzejewski, Investment Director at CEE Equity Partners. He added, “the energy sector in Poland and CEE market is still one of our priorities in the region.”


    The China-CEE Fund remains actively engaged with Enlight Renewable Energy and GEO Renewables for the completion of the remaining common projects within the coming months. The current project portfolio represents a total installed capacity from 74 - 178 MW, depending on the timing of completion.


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