06:57:38 25.05.2017
    Wind Favours PEP’s Interests

    The issue may be unpopular, but PEP’s results have improved.
    Puls Biznesu, 7.08.2014

    06:57:38 25.05.2017
      Jan Kulczyk is Selling

      The businessman has attracted a partner, CEE Equity Partners, to PEP.
      Forbes, 1.08.2014

      06:57:38 25.05.2017
        Six-fold Power Growth

        Interview with Zbigniew Prokopowicz, PEP’s president.
        Rzeczpospolita, 25.07.2014

        06:57:38 25.05.2017
          Polenergia Wants to Obtain over PLN 400 Million from the Market

          Merger in Kulczyk’s group and capital entry of the strategic partner – CEE Equity Partners –are only an introduction to building the market position.
          Parkiet, 25.07.2014

          06:57:38 25.05.2017
            Polenergia May Enter WIG50

            Following the information about the merger of companies from Kulczyk’s group and entering the CEE Equity Partners company, PEP has registered a significant increase of rate.
            Rzeczpospolita, 22.07.2014

            06:57:38 25.05.2017
              Chances for WIG50 in the Future

              PEP is a titbit for funds – estimate analysts.
              Parkiet, 22.07.2014

              06:57:38 25.05.2017
                PEP’s Investor is a Surprise

                The analysts believe that CEE Equity Partners entering the company is more important than the assets introduced by Jan Kulczyk.
                Puls Biznesu, 22.07.2014

                06:57:38 25.05.2017
                  Merger of Kulczyk’s Companies. Enters Chinese Investor

                  Joint PEP and Polenergia will secure massive financial support from CEE Equity Partners.
                  Rzeczpospolita, 21.07.2014

                  06:57:38 25.05.2017
                    Kulczyk in a Company with the Chinese

                    CEE Equity Partners fund will take over 16% of shares in PEP, enlarged with Kulczyk’s energy-related assets.
                    Puls Biznesu, 21.07.2014

                    06:57:38 25.05.2017
                      The Chinese Came to Kulczyk

                      Merger at Kulczyk Investments: PEP take over Polenergia and acquire a strategic investor – CEE Equity Partners.
                      Parkiet, 21.07.2014


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