Dario Cipriani

Dario Cipriani
Investment Director

Dario is a specialist investment professional focusing on clean and conventional energy with extensive experience of investing in large infrastructure projects throughout the CEE region. He is the partner responsible for investments at P4E Srl, the sole advisor and co-fundraiser for the Energheia renewable investment fund which builds, commissions, finances and holds utility scale renewable energy investments in Southern Europe.  

Dario has advised on start-ups, foreign acquisitions, M&A transactions, project financing, financial restructuring and privatisations across a wide spectrum of sectors, but with particular focus on energy, infrastructure and industrial projects (roads, airport, rail, parking, water, ports, metals, cement, and automotive industries).

He has worked alongside governments and with financial institutions – global and local, large and small – across CEE and Western Europe. Outside Europe, he established an investment banking base in Beijing in partnership with a major European bank and in the early days of his career worked in Russia and South America, in particular Argentina and Brazil.  He has served on the Management and Supervisory Boards of a number of listed and privately held companies.

Dario has worked with entrepreneurs and companies across the CEE region for many years, helping them achieve their growth targets, improve their liquidity or the quality of funding, raise equity, properly structure their companies in order to conquer new markets and, wherever possible, steer away from trouble.

Dario majored in Economics at the University of California in Los Angeles and studied EU Business Law and the Italian Commercial Code at Bocconi University, Milan. He speaks English, Italian, Polish and Spanish.