• Investments
  • Bioton S.A.

    Bioton S.A.
    Sector: Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals
    Location: Poland, Macierzysz
    Date of investment: July 2015

    Bioton S.A. is listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange
    In 2015 China-CEE Fund acquired 13.2% of shares in Warsaw Stock Exchange listed Bioton S.A.

    Bioton S.A. is a biotechnology company that specialises in drug development and manufacturing, with its current core products being recombinant human insulin and diet supplements. The company was founded in 1989 and subsequently listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange in 2005. It currently sells in Poland, China, Russia, Thailand and Egypt, among others. Research and development competence in biotechnology has enabled the development of a next generation insulin analogue, and the Company’s R&D at present focuses on analogue insulin registration.

  • Wróblew Wind Farm

    Wróblew Wind Farm
    Sector: Energy
    Location: Poland, Wroblew
    Date of investment: September 2014
    Date of Exit: January 2015
    Co-Investor(s): Enlight Energy, GEO Renewables

    The 36 MW Wroblew wind farm is based on Vestas V90 2MWwind turbine generators. The Fund acquired 50.01% of the Wroblew wind farm in a partnership with. Enlight Energy, the renewable energy subsidiary of Eurocom Communications. Enlight is listed on the Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange. The wind farm was developed by GEO Renewables.

  • Korytnica Wind Farm

    Korytnica Wind Farm
    Sector: Energy
    Location: Poland, Korytnica
    Date of investment: March 2015
    Date of exit: March 2021

    The 82.5 MW Korytnica wind farm is based on 3.3MW V126 wind turbine generators, which are manufactured by Vestas. Korytnica is one the largest wind plants in Poland and supplies power to Warsaw, Poland’s capital city.

  • Energy 21

    Energy 21
    Sector: Energy
    Location: Czech Republic, Prague
    Date of investment: December 2015
    Date of exit: July 2021

    Energy 21 is the leading independent operator of photovoltaic plants in the Czech Republic with an aggregated installed capacity of 61 MW. The company owns and operates 33 solar parks, making Energy 21 the largest independent photovoltaic platform in the CEE region.

  • Southern Wind Farm

    Southern Wind Farm
    Sector: Energy
    Location: Poland, Zopowy
    Date of investment: June 2015
    Date of exit: March 2021

    The 30 MW Southern wind farm project utilizes 2MW G90 wind turbine generators, made by Gamesa, now part of Siemens.

  • Electronic Control Systems S.A.

    Electronic Control Systems S.A.
    Sector: Construction Services (Telecommunications)
    Location: Poland, Balice
    Date of investment: January 2015

    Electronic Control Systems is one of the leading engineering companies in Poland providing services for the telecommunications sector. The company provides turnkey services for mobile operators in Poland and several other foreign markets (construction works, acquisition of locations and securing permits, building networks and installations, optimisation of RANs, networks tests, electromagnetic field measurements and traffic maintenance and management).

  • Walltopia

    Sector: Specialised Manufacturing
    Location: Bulgaria, Sofia
    Date of investment: August 2015
    Date of exit: October 2021
    Co-Investor(s): BlackPeak Capital; founding shareholders retain majority stake

    Walltopia (founded in 1998) is the world leader in climbing wall design and manufacturing, with more than 1500 projects worldwide and over 270,000 sq. metres/2,906,000 sq. feet climbing surface designed, engineered, produced and built. Walltopia changed the industry by introducing a system of pre-fabricated, detachable modules in various shapes and colours, which are then simply bolted together on-site. The company is led by two Bulgarian entrepreneurs: Ivaylo Penchev and Metin Musov. Walltopia has successfully executed contracts in over 50 countries in all continents.

  • Budapest Metropolitan University (MetU)

    Budapest Metropolitan University (MetU)
    Sector: Education and Training Services
    Location: Hungary, Budapest
    Date of investment: December 2014
    Date of exit: June 2021

    Budapest Metropolitan University (MetU) was established in 2000 with state accreditation. The University has continued to grow, and in 2010 saw a major expansion of their educational portfolio – making MetU the largest private University in Hungary. MetU provides practice-oriented education, keeping in mind the needs of the rapidly changing job market. The University offers BA and MA degrees to Hungarian and international students in Communications, Business, Tourism and Applied Arts.

  • Polenergia

    Sector: Energy
    Location: Poland, Warsaw
    Date of investment: August 2014
    Date of Exit: February 2021

    Polenergia S.A. is listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange; Kulczyk Investments holds a majority stake.

    Polenergia is a Polish independent power utility that comprises vertically integrated companies active in conventional and renewable power generation, as well as distribution and sale of electricity. Polenergia has a total of 369 MW of installed capacity, of which 245 MW come from wind farms. Polenergia also owns and operates a Combined Cycle Gas Turbine power plant with a capacity of 116MWe, 70MWt and a number of other small scale energy projects such as local CHP plants and pellet production. The Company has local energy distribution networks across Poland, as well as an energy trading company.

    Polenergia holds a portfolio of on-shore wind farms in the development phase, of which 216 MW are fully permitted with ready-to-build status. The development pipeline also includes off-shore wind farm projects on the Baltic Sea with the total power generation of 1.2 GW, planned for commissioning in two stages by 2022 (600MW) and 2026 (600MW). Polenergia furthermore holds development projects of a 150km gas interconnector from Germany to Poland, 31MW biomass CHP and the Elektrownia Polnoc 800MW coal-fired power project.

  • Javna Razsvetljava

    Javna Razsvetljava
    Sector: Lighting / signalling / energy efficiency
    Location: Slovenia, Ljubljana
    Date of investment: December 2016
    Co-Investor: Management

    Javna Razsvetljava is the market leader in design and implementation of public lighting and signalling solutions, including Energy Service Company (“ESCO”) based contracting, in Slovenia. The company also provides management services for such infrastructure, currently having 21 municipalities as clients.

  • Invitech

    Sector: Telecommunications
    Location: Hungary, Budapest
    Date of investment: March 2017
    Date of exit: September 2021

    Invitech is a leading provider of communications infrastructure and services to 6,000 business and wholesale customers in Hungary. Originally The Fund invested in Invitel Group but in 2018 it divested the B2C arm to Digi Hungary. Invitech’s products include high speed connectivity, datacenter, cloud, voice and IT services.  Invitech’s infrastructure includes 10,450 route kilometers of fiber network, 6,500 on-net buildings and  Datacenters for over 3,000 square meters.  Invitech provides IT management and support for 23,000 customer end user devices.

  • EuroWagon

    Sector: Railway rolling sock
    Location: Poland, Poznan/Warsaw
    Date of investment: October 2018

    EuroWagon was established in 2018 with a consolidation of several wagon pools to create the first independent rolling stock company (ROSCO) in Poland. EuroWagon’s activities include railcar management, maintenance and rental to freight companies and industrial clients. The initial fleet consists of several hundred railway wagons operated in Poland and neighbouring countries.

  • Flash Lighting Services

    Flash Lighting Services
    Sector: Lighting / smart city / energy efficiency
    Location: Romania, Bucharest
    Date of investment: December 2018

    Flash Lighting Services is a market leader in design, construction and management of smart lighting systems. The company provides public space, festive and architectural lighting solutions to municipalities in Romania. It manages over 24,000 lighting fixtures through telemanagement solutions. Other significant capabilities lie in traffic management solutions, industrial and stadium lighting.

  • Bristol Logistics SA

    Bristol Logistics SA
    Sector: Agriculture, Logistics
    Location: Romania, Bucharest
    Date of investment: July 2019

    Bristol Logistics is an integrated, nation-wise logistics platform providing grain handling services throughout Romania. The backbone of the company is a network of 16 logistics hubs with multi-modal connectivity spread across Romania’s most productive agricultural regions. Bristol Logistics, an open platform which serves both traders and farmers, specialises in bespoke services tailored to our clients’ needs, allowing them to focus on their core business while we handle the complexities of grain logistics and storage. Bristol Logistics was formed through a partnership between CEE Equity Partners and a local industry expert with over 20 years’ experience in the Romanian agricultural sector.

  • FarmaVet-Pasteur group

    FarmaVet-Pasteur group
    Sector: Pharmaceuticals
    Location: Romania, Bucharest
    Date of investment: September 2019

    FarmaVet-Pasteur group (the “Group”) is Romania’s leading animal vaccines and pharmaceuticals manufacturer. The Group produces a diverse portfolio of over 400 products in three GMP certified facilities located in Bucharest and Filipesti.

    The Group has over 140 retail units selling to farmers and pet owners, and sells directly to larger farms and 3rd party distribution outlets. It exports through international business partners.

  • Paperpack SA

    Paperpack SA
    Sector: Carton Packaging Industry, Manufacturing
    Location: Athens, Greece
    Date of investment: December 2020

    Paperpack SA is a Greece-based company that is active in the paper packaging industry (folding boxes & leaflets), operating in Greece and Internationally. It handles pre-press studio, post- printing, industrial design, printing and quality assurance departments. The company offers packaging solutions to pharmaceutical, personal care, food, tobacco, beverage and spirits, and other industries. The Company is certified with International Quality Assurance Standards ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015, as well as FSC Chain of Custody, which ensures the high and stable quality of the products.